A Writer and the Creative Journey

Realizing the seamless flow of imagination encompassing every nuance of the universe’s moods, creativity takes wing to fly across the realm beyond existing rationale. It opens the floodgates for the soul to experience the birth of new ideas which finally blends with the life-force of the writer. Creativity is a blend of many such ideas which bares their soul to the curious mind of the … Continue reading A Writer and the Creative Journey

You and Life- A Realization

Focus on the ‘I’ To open up your eyes Not only peripheral vision Awaken from slumber Open the mind’s eyes For there is vision Evoke the soul to visualize Respect the essence of life Expand the consciousness All lives are sacred Born of the universe Cosmic bonding Realize the bonhomie With self-realization There comes clarity To understand life Your fate Related to karmic deeds It … Continue reading You and Life- A Realization

Our Purpose and Beyond

We are creations for the enshpered world From the womb of Nature we wake up to life Nurtured with care to help us realize our purpose Close not the mind and heart to listen to the soul Limitlessness enshrined within the cosmic wonder Sun lights up the world in glory with divine luminescence Let the seeds of existence germinate from dormancy Mortal existence is not … Continue reading Our Purpose and Beyond

Cynicism or Optimism- A Fine Balance

Voices are being raised against ‘optimism’ and ‘positivity. There are certain sections of the society who have become delusional and question the veracity of being optimistic. I have no idea about their experiences and their thought processes which prompts them to question the positive tenets of life. Although it is true that one cannot be positive and optimistic in every situation in life, but one … Continue reading Cynicism or Optimism- A Fine Balance