A Writer and the Creative Journey

Realizing the seamless flow of imagination encompassing every nuance of the universe’s moods, creativity takes wing to fly across the realm beyond existing rationale.

It opens the floodgates for the soul to experience the birth of new ideas which finally blends with the life-force of the writer.

Creativity is a blend of many such ideas which bares their soul to the curious mind of the writer.

It is a healthy obsession to come up with new expressions with every piece of writing. Such expressions mirror the lust of a soul that so keenly wants to experience life as never before.

Without the boundaries of prejudices and belittling theories, the writer is on a mission to delve deeper to prophesize the culmination of ideas which needs to be eulogized and immortalized by the idolatry words.

This creativity comes from a deeper meditation of life and the urge to experience it from an informed perspective.

When subtle feelings or essence of life is relegated to obscurity, the writer will go down these unknown alleys to pick up these ideas, and nurture them to read their soul.

Forever, the writer experiments with ideas that are too bold for anyone else to accept or challenges the entire traditional thinking.

Good writers, almost find it difficult to find recognition during their time, as their ideas pose a challenge to the existing status quo.

Creativity is a challenge and a writer accepts this like a braveheart. The entire process of writing entails immense concentration and sacrifices.

Constantly, it’s a challenge to remain focused on the path of realization and dealing with alternate consciousness, makes one a venerable recluse.

The writer’s mind is occupied with questions and the mind does not rest until they find satisfactory answers. It’s more of a search in the labyrinth of puzzles.

Creativity is a never-ending process, which requires the writer to visit the depths of the inner world. The soul is evoked to align with the cosmic waves which carry the potential answers.

The writer is on a mission to garner confession from the eternal voices. So many ideas transform into images in the mind, only visible to the awakened mind of the writer.

These images are to be deciphered and transformed into words to logically explain the closest possible conclusion.

This is the process which keeps a writer awake and as a traveler wears out the mind in an endeavor to uphold the highest order of creativity.

Writers immerse themselves in the enormous sea of uncertainties and it requires dedication to flow across the current.

It is a relentless journey which gives birth to works of literature.

In solitude, the writer finds it easier to mediate with the different voices in the head and also converse with the cosmic forces.

It’s an obsession of the highest order and it is necessary to pursue this path with humility and gratitude.

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