Cynicism or Optimism- A Fine Balance

Voices are being raised against ‘optimism’ and ‘positivity. There are certain sections of the society who have become delusional and question the veracity of being optimistic. I have no idea about their experiences and their thought processes which prompts them to question the positive tenets of life.

Although it is true that one cannot be positive and optimistic in every situation in life, but one can try to take the negative aspects or experiences in their stride and move ahead in life.

According to the cynicisms’ club, their argument comes from the fact that being positive all the time can be harmful, as the negative experiences will have a more devastating effect on our psyche. Being prepared for the negative outcomes will protect one from being too affected by the events.

Going by the pessimist’s guide of being optimistic, they put forward a theory that lowering your expectation can save you from the ill-effects of a negative experience. Couple of arguments against being too optimistic are-

  • They are not prepared for the downside of an event does not have a backup plan in case things go wrong
  • They are so selfless that they care more about people around them and do not take care of themselves

To counter the above two points, it can be said that always being skeptical about life can lead to-

  • Always feeling antsy about everyday occurrences and unable to enjoy life to the fullest
  • Always being on the guard won’t let an individual accept and welcome the positive things in life and creates a mental barrier

In an age when there is an unhealthy competition to acquire materialistic possessions, there is an increasing pressure on an individual to fulfill the desires or else, be labeled as a ‘non-achiever’ by the society.

The daily dose of social media sends out contradictory messages and affects the impressionable minds as well as adults who find it hard to cope, because they create mental conflicts. Fighting everyday dilemmas about your existence can become nerve-wracking.

Society is dealing with many contradictions. Sending out misleading information and in an endeavor to promote consumerism many faulty expectations are planted in the minds.

Truly, being optimistic in a polarized society takes immense effort and courage.  There is always an undertone of dichotomy running parallel to everything that is being said or proposed.

The role of media should have been to alleviate these underlying problems and bring people together, but things are otherwise.

It is said that life is balanced with two kinds of energies the passive negative energies (yin) and the active positive forces (yang). So it is trying to justify that leaning towards one side or having  askew perception of life arising out of too much cynicism or optimism should be avoided.

Also, being an optimist at every situation of life can give the illusion that negativity does not exist and clearly steer away an individual from realizing that the world is not an ideal place after all.

It can be said that nothing is perfect, more so with modern ideals and changing dynamics of society adds to the dilemma.

We are continuously heading towards a future that humanity believes is right for them. Many trials and failures and the unwarranted expectations does not give us the time to understand life in the true sense. We have not yet scratched the surface of life and deciphering it to come up with more well-rounded theories is still a ‘work in progress’.

It is true that that without some sadness we would not be able to appreciate happiness and also have to guard from being turning into a confirmed idealist who dreams of a utopian world.

How well we exercise our power to choose also shapes our thought process and takes our life in that direction. Sometimes choices are thrust upon us while at other times we falter and do not exercise the right choices.

When one has to find the right balance, it becomes difficult in an impulsive and fast-changing society that we have now. Every day we see new technologies, new theories proposed and disappear sooner from public memory.

Many theorists and many hypotheses are adding to the confusion and deciding on a balanced path in life has become trickier, than ever before.

With digital media thoughts, ideas, hypotheses are disseminated at a faster rate. With a click huge amount of information (sometimes misinformation) is available freely.

One day we see a theory being hailed as the next big breakthrough and the next day it is debunked, inadvertently creating a commotion in our thought process.

Maintaining a fine balance and taking informed decisions and sometimes staying away from the propaganda come with experience and by understanding life at a deeper level. Not all information that is out there is true and not every theory can be debunked.

We have to be more educated about life and trust our instincts more and support each other in society to create a strong communication system to dispel the instability.

Remember not to be too cynical about being optimistic and vice versa don’t be too optimistic about being a cynic. Maintain a balance and make informed decisions about life and think about your near and dear ones and the consequences (positive or negative) they will have on them.

2 thoughts on “Cynicism or Optimism- A Fine Balance

  1. Excellent summation of balance and using a deeper intuition of when either or neither is required… Thank you…
    My earlier comment was more a taunt than a question of your stance…
    You are a very clear and balance human being my dear friend.. ❤️


    1. Thank you so much, Taruna.

      Taunts, likes, dislikes, and even vehement denial of my thoughts, I welcome with equanimity.

      My writing and the thoughts I express will and thankfully so will evoke responses and in some cases come with opposition. It is inevitable, as I express philosophies which are different and sometimes a challenge to the existing ones.

      I am glad you enjoyed reading this article.

      Best wishes to you.

      Liked by 1 person

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