An inception from the consciousness Beyond the realm of the known knowledge Birthed from a subliminal spark of realization Surpassing the modern logic in the domain A strong reason to reason with the mundane Expanding the consciousness to unknown horizons To realize the potential of the mind’s constellation It’s a philosophy undeniably intriguing and exciting© Continue reading Transrational

Hapless Spectator

Sometimes you are a hapless spectator Witnessing the souls indulging in excesses Walking down the road to perdition Lured away by the willful guise of lust and power Unaware of the lurking danger of the underbelly Leaving the trusted souls stranded for ambitions Beyond the reach of any reasoning and help Trusting familiarity masquerading with harmful intent Unfortunate choices lead one self-destruction Souls willing to … Continue reading Hapless Spectator

Versed with the Universe

Words pirouetting at the edges of the mind The celestial tunes creating harmony around Feelings have been preparing for the grand event Flowing along with the lifeline, across your universe Only you and the ecstatic feeling in divine dervishes Initial slow rhythm building up to a euphoric state Finally, you feel one with yourself, the souls summon Relinquishing the worldly pleasures make you affluent Feel … Continue reading Versed with the Universe

Existential Challenges

Humanity faces its greatest challenge When souls revolt against souls This earth is abode for all lives Humanity requires a course correction Long lost its way in intolerance and chaos Emotionally disengaged and hedonistic Dysfunctional minds and wayward souls Earth faces its biggest challenge Deciding on the biggest liabilities Destroying paradise at will with impudence All kinds of abuses can be listed We asked the … Continue reading Existential Challenges

Exciting World of Social Media

As an individual, how well are you prepared to stand up against the onslaught of popular trends in society, which may not be acceptable to you? Do you find it irresistible to join the bandwagon, fearing that you will be seen as a spoilsport or an antagonist? The above two questions are quite relevant because I have felt that individuals design their life according to … Continue reading Exciting World of Social Media