Exciting World of Social Media

As an individual, how well are you prepared to stand up against the onslaught of popular trends in society, which may not be acceptable to you?

Do you find it irresistible to join the bandwagon, fearing that you will be seen as a spoilsport or an antagonist?

The above two questions are quite relevant because I have felt that individuals design their life according to the current trends in the society or based on the tenets of popular social media.

Somewhere, subliminally there comes a growing acceptance of the ideas, thoughts, and behavior that is prevalent with the social media communities.

Every day you see posts from friends and acquaintances throughout the day, of anything as trivial as what they are having for breakfast or where their next holiday destination will be. Even the specific Airport terminals are updated (from international travels).

Do you feel the urge to plan your holiday immediately after you see such updates from your social media community friends or acquaintances?

Any new restaurant in town (especially the high-end ones serving exotic dishes of the world) opens in town your news feed is bombarded with the pictures of your friends visiting these places and posting those half-eaten dishes (quite revolting).

We have come to the conclusion that any family function, a holiday, or fine-dining is incomplete until their pictures are uploaded on any social media platforms.

Emoticons have made life easier, now that they can display the type of mood you are in, helping you to masquerade the true feelings or moods. So, the status update does look upbeat and positive, or rather appealing to the followers.

Now the trends of sharing dancing GIF’s and annoying videos which begin playing on their own has crossed all censure. The newsfeed looks like a circus arena.

Although, social media has brought us in touch with our friends and it’s easier to reminded of their birthdays and anniversaries, it give you a chance to socialize in the virtual world; giving a sense of bonding.

As I started with the two questions, they are still relevant. Inadvertently we are coerced to do things according to the popular trend, to keep up with everyone in the friends circle. Be it holidays, or the new car, expensive gadgets, latest 4K TV, and the gastronomic delights at the plush restaurants.

We are spending so much time on social media, spending money to fulfill the competitive desires, and it is the social media companies who are raking in the real revenue (in billions) from targeted advertisements (providing you with more spending options) and gathering valuable data about our spending habits and financial positions.

Although you may not want your life to be an open book, with social media habits, you are just doing that. So, who is the real winner here? I leave it for you to decide.

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