Knowledge and Ignorance

Gain some knowledge on ignorance Knowledge is played upon to influence minds Tactically manipulated to stem the flow of thoughts In popular domain, some fabricated knowledge External reality is contrary to the actual reality within Ignorance can lead us down the perilous path Attempts to discourage the habit of rightful thinking Ignorance that we are not aware of is our weakness Unrestrained emotions are fueled … Continue reading Knowledge and Ignorance

Face-to-face with a Mirror

The mirror has a glossy façade Reflecting the ultimate truth Mirror gazes at your soul Thus the image of your being The deeper thoughts and nature Sometimes the uneasy truth Staring at you for an answer Or, may be some soul searching Long forgotten world, neglected In the busy world of superficiality A world agonizing for attention Birthed from divine powers Now, it’s a mere … Continue reading Face-to-face with a Mirror