Salubrious Thoughts

Harness the forces of Nature Survive the ever-changing clime As travelers visiting different regions Through rough terrains and valleys Mountains and deserted landscapes Vertical heights and deep abysses Across deep waters and shallow brooks Under the Nature’s canopy Dreams of the wandering soul Many starry nights and solitary moments Hold on to the salubrious thoughts World is but a shadow of a divine place Decipher … Continue reading Salubrious Thoughts


When one loses originality The born with beliefs, in disarray Soul comes in direct conflict of thoughts Indecisive, trying to make sense of duality The weakening cognitive processes Leaving an array of slippery thoughts World dawns with the mass accepted meanings Mechanisms to train the minds Think in a linear path, thoughts mostly borrowed The world within tries to defend Vehemently trying to reason with … Continue reading Dissonance

Rationale of Vision

Don’t view in isolation Many images make up the vision Perceived in an entirety All senses are privy to the essence Sensibility towards awareness Processing so many information Taking split-seconds to infer Every second a new experience Same objects, yet different realization The awareness of the mind From a multidimensional aspect Critical thinking and realism Stark reality, stripped off the façade Is it prescience? Or, … Continue reading Rationale of Vision