Among the Ruins

We have upped our ante towards modernization

Pacing up and down frantically to build bigger and better

Land masses and Nature seems our major hurdle

Without a thought, we demolish landscapes and fell trees

Clearing out Nature to lay the foundation of development

Cutting across the divine share to etch out permanent scars

Unfurling our obsessive dreams in the most hostile fashion

Our serrated ideas cutting through Nature’s serenity

Sharing the doom’s share for many generations and it continues

Bestowed with more than our aspirations we are overwhelmed

Without a clue and left bewildered, we are some lost souls

Stirred from the abyss of fear as darkness slowly claims its share

Encompassed with incredulous thoughts, the mind is disoriented

Left with sweeping changes and some irreversible annihilation

With cheerful heart, we spell our sinister ambitions to conquer

Our fair share of paradise looks forlorn as we are misguided

Desolate cloud of ignominy looms over like furious sentinels

Only the phantoms will rise to stare at the annihilated paradise

We are not the rightful custodians to care for this piece of heaven©

12 thoughts on “Among the Ruins

  1. I watch a lot of specials on the destruction of our planet. I was thinking is it because people don’t care or unaware? I wonder how many people watch the documentaries? I know the industries know and only drive is money but the consumers (known to consume blindly). This is a great post friend! ☺

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      1. For me simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It’s good to possess rich ideas but live frugally when it comes to materialism and consumerism. Anyone believes me or not I do not know, but that’s my motto. 🙂

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