Leadership and Success

Exalted to the position of leadership out of compulsion and favoritism, rather than capabilities and character, always becomes a liability and cause of failure.

A leader should be strong willed, an independent thinker, and intuitive enough to choose the right individuals, whom he can entrust with responsibilities.

A leader should be visible to the people and also keep ears to the ground and address the concerns, before they spiral out of control.

Leaders are born with some inherent qualities and not chiseled out with the management theories.

With the increase in higher aspiration to lead, without the necessary capabilities (due to lack of acceptance and self-realization) always hurts the greater interest.

True leaders are visionaries, planning ahead and always prepared with the next step.

Leaders always have a contingency plan in place by gauging the current scenario and also have the ability to anticipate consequences.

Exceptional leaders are the epitome of humility and respect and believe in thought leadership.

They are strong proponents of participative (inclusive) management and are open to innovative ideas.

Thus, choosing an individual for a leadership position should not be a compulsion or include favoritism.

Bright minds should be led ably and not allowed to lose faith in the art of thinking and voicing their opinions.

They should be groomed to be future leaders with a positive thinking and attitude.

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