The Creative Dilemma

Most of the times, one invites the wrath of the writer’s ego, by advising, ‘when to write’ or ‘how much to write’.

Certainly, at such times the adviser or the distinguished well-wisher is at the receiving end and is met with a dignified and profound scorn. Writer’s literary etiquette prevents any further reaction.

Creative ideas strike quite frequently, and sometimes, at inopportune moments. It is an absolutely uncontrollable urge to pen down those thoughts immediately; even if the world is on the verge of a supposed apocalypse.

Nothing deters the creative mind to waver, and any reasoning is futile. Holding on to creative ideas for long, in the mind, may lead to serious side-effects, such as- irritation, indifference, and with utter disregard to social etiquette, a permanent glare in the eyes.

Disturbing the flow of ideas of the writer is akin to building a dam across the freely flowing and tranquil river. If scorned, the writer can give an eloquently camouflaged discourse, which usually dents the confidence of many.

P.S.- Written without any malice or with the intent to hurt anyone’s sentiments. 


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