Let Life be your Guide

Enjoy this life with patience

Drink from the crucible of life

Slowly, let each drop rejuvenate you

Live each day with fervor

Welcome the morning with hope

Yesterday’s dreams will be true

For you have enjoyed solitude

Night has given you the comfort

Offered its soft blanket to sleep

To rest the soul in peace

Your dreams took you places

Divine intervention to guide you

You will be offered another cup

To drink from the life’s elixir

You will be prepared to face the day

Till night comes to cradle you

The stars will light up your world

And the Moonlight holds you tender

You are the universe’s child

Trust the cosmic ways that lead you

With patience, you will live

The only way to understand this life

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter

Nature will give you moments

Set hope not on the worldly gains

Accept nature’s bounty, with gratitude©

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