Night is Divine

As night takes over from the twilight

Slowly leans over, to shade the last rays

Like the mother trying to protect her baby

Tired, from the hectic days of fun and play

A prelude to the soft lullabies is audible

The tired limbs and the mind need to rest

Last bird has flown to its nest, to wake up early

Leaves are drooping low in nonchalance

Embracing the branches, to be safe for night

The footsteps will cease to trample the ground

Night’s melodious breeze will sing a song

Even the divine audience will join the soiree   

Silver moonlight brings a charming ambience

With pleasant memories, souls will retire

Cushioned by the beautiful dreams and silence©

8 thoughts on “Night is Divine

  1. when I am not being an insomniac I love the peace I feel right before falling asleep, you describe the divinity of night very well. When I am being an insomniac I still find the night so divine. I have my complete solitude.


      1. if you can alleviate others pain by expressing yourself. you are healing more than just yourself and that is beautiful. The best thing that has come from reading and writing for me is realizing I am not alone in the way I think and feel.


      2. I always feel literature plays an immense role in shaping society and enhance its thinking. Writing, be it any genre, should add value and others must find value in that too. Thank you for your encouraging words.

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