Turn your Life Around

Turn your life inside out

To examine and ponder over realities

True persona, a reflection of yourself

For the whole world to witness the real you

With the vulnerabilities and faults

The weaknesses and the darker hues

It may seem vulgar and outrageous

To open up your world within for display

When the strain pulls you apart

You are at the crossroads, deciding

Pulling you in every possible direction

Without your mind and soul’s consent

It is time to rectify and set in order

The world within needs to contemplate

Face the inner fears harbored for too long

Before it weaken your intellect and existence

It’s a burden living a life of dichotomy

No matter what the psychologists say

There can be balance in life

Without swaying between the good and evil©



4 thoughts on “Turn your Life Around

    1. That’s why we repeat the same mistakes. We are afraid to face the truth, but we are valiant enough to repeat the mistakes. Yes philosophy and psychology work in many different ways, and as life becomes busier, reflections and contemplations become a luxury.

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