Life, as it is

I am incorrigible. Yes, that’s because, I do not wish to change according to someone else’s perception about me. I come into my elements when faced with criticism, ridicule, or any disparaging remarks made about me. They do not deter me, much to the agony of those who resort to such antics.

For me, I feel amused, when I prefer to remain quiet and watch how long they can continue with their effort and keep up the excellent performance.

The world’s a stage and you can deliver the dialogues as you wish to (right to free speech); always believed in it. I can feel the decibel level increase (expecting a reaction from me), with every additional minute of silence.

They are always left deprived of the same level of reaction as theirs or any hysterical antics from me, at that particular moment. Finally, they are mentally exhausted and wish to retire their lethal brains back in the sheath.

I never get into an argument until and unless I arm myself with potentially more eloquent and sarcastic salvos. Eloquent, because I prefer not to lose my composure and stoop to the same level as my opponent. But my eloquent words have the potential to silence the noisemakers.

Throughout my life, I have thanked the detractors and the naysayers for their effort to derail me. That made me resilient and ponder over my weaknesses, to improve myself.

Being the incorrigible me and a realist, I do not harbor any unrealistic ambitions and neither claim to be this millennium’s genius, with an envious IQ level. I prefer to keep things simple in life and take each day, based on their merit.

I have figured out that it always makes sense to mind my own affairs, rather than meddling in someone else’s life. I give advice when asked for and a balanced one, after taking into consideration, the individual has come to me with an open mind.

Silence works well in most situations, and that does not mean, being less assertive, and shying away from putting across my point. I do not feel the urge to react to the useless and mundane accusations.

Silence can be perceived to be snobbery; name it what one wishes to, I am not willing to get into a slugfest to prove my bravado or anyone’s entertainment.

I have never claimed to know everything or have solutions to all the problems plaguing this world. I do not wish to compete with the humbugs, who claim to have solutions to every problem and act as saviors.

It is very important in life to learn to laugh at oneself. Life is pathetic without humor. I accept my ignorance and limitations. That helps me to be grounded.

If you are firmly grounded, you can counter any useless banter and the banal remarks made by the hyperactive humbugs.

Life is dynamic and each day is a new learning experience and I wish to keep learning (only the useful things) that can help me delve into the nuances of life. First, accept yourself, and realize your self-worth. Always ask the right questions and analyze the answers.

Take criticisms, dislike, and the efforts of the naysayers in good spirit. If you really have to improve, identify it yourself. Self-realization is important to keep improving as an individual.

I do not carry a head heavier than I can support. Keeping life simple and continuously working on my weaknesses, to transform them to my strengths.

May you always find the will to live life in a positive way, and your thoughts progressive enough to add some value to this world. Be in good spirit and humor.


8 thoughts on “Life, as it is

  1. Not a student. Left that profession long time back. 😀 Just wrote from my experiences and how I deal with life and their circumstances. Just shared my understanding about life. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. 🙂 I am a content writer/developer, copywriter and into digital branding and advertisement.

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