The Sailor’s Tale

Sail across the tranquil ancient river  Leave the shores to knock on door of eternity Oar the water and feel the gentle current below Life runs its course blended with gentle ripples The river with an unknown origin flows yonder Sailor’s eyes cannot see beyond a mile ahead The radius of this journey is beyond this life An experience of a lifetime till eternity beckons Follow the flight … Continue reading The Sailor’s Tale

Inviting the Dawn

The solemn night retreats slowly Folding the sheets of silence and gloom Revealing the grandeur of dawn Sublime beauty is the blush of morn Crimson light swathe the glistening contours Solemn places, now awake with splendor The landscape adorned with infiniteness of love Souls awaken with tender kisses of morning light It’s an embrace to ensure the early dweller Heart is enthralled by the reverberating divine … Continue reading Inviting the Dawn

As Night Descends

As night descends in the windswept city There is a palpable discomfort in the air Uneasy, the soul resonates with the agony Silhouettes of few trees against the backdrop The branches, like the child’s raised arm In prayer, for reprieve from the stifled air City footsteps have uprooted their dynasty Dwellers, to and fro, across the city roads Rushing through the cityscape in a blur … Continue reading As Night Descends