The Sailor’s Tale

Sail across the tranquil ancient river 

Leave the shores to knock on door of eternity

Oar the water and feel the gentle current below

Life runs its course blended with gentle ripples

The river with an unknown origin flows yonder

Sailor’s eyes cannot see beyond a mile ahead

The radius of this journey is beyond this life

An experience of a lifetime till eternity beckons

Follow the flight path of the blue birds

Born of the divine blue, they are the messengers

For the sailor who oars across the mystical waters

Braveheart will not turn away from a daunting journey

He will explore through the mystical fog and beyond

To be welcomed on the other side by eternal bliss

Life will be an ecstasy when one goes with this flow

The vibrant eternity will bless the sailor with vigor 

And the boat will be adorned with wings of hope

Divine beings will guide him towards hallowed world

Suspended in the midst of brilliant eternity and marvel

The blue birds will dance to celebrate the sailor’s journey

Beyond the realm of eternity where life transforms

Leaving behind the mortal world and its desires©




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