Magical Night

Look into the stars Invoke the Ethereal Spirit Sing paeans of their beauty Light gifted to you for this life Trace origins of the eternal way Once you walked among stars Lover of the night bathed in silver Celebrate the stunning cosmic display You heart will forever be young Soul blessed with starry charms© Continue reading Magical Night

Eternity to Eternity

A journey from immortality to immortality Encircling the chakra of life and death Birthed from eternity and a transition to another realm Cosmic energy is given various avatars to play a role A balanced center holds the emanating forces in place Different colored aura depicts the nature of each soul One pulsating soul giving birth to many souls The continuously expanding and immortal energy rings … Continue reading Eternity to Eternity

Solemn Eyes

The solemn eyes, full of dreams Each seed planted in the paradise Waiting for them to bloom freely And the wafting aroma of fulfillment Will enliven the senses to celebrate Drowning in the waves of merriment Euphoric soul reflects the glow of bliss A universe’s child had miniature dreams Looking through the prism to elicit colors To paint the dreams with colors from palette Dreams … Continue reading Solemn Eyes

The Blogging World

The blogging world is buzzing with creativity. People, from all across the globe, are writing passionately and giving it vital fillip to the art form or genre. I come across blogs, which cater to a variety of topics and it is interesting to see young bloggers, contributing to this endeavor. This is important because they will be the torchbearers in the future and take the blogging … Continue reading The Blogging World

Words of Intellect

Sharpen your words to create an impact Not to slay, but to clear the obfuscating overgrowth Across the verdant valley of truth and happiness Slay the prejudices and clear the path for progress Let your words lead the travelers to their destination Leave a trail of thoughts for future generations to follow Towards the horizon where knowledge shines brightly No one should be forlorn in … Continue reading Words of Intellect