The Blogging World

The blogging world is buzzing with creativity. People, from all across the globe, are writing passionately and giving it vital fillip to the art form or genre.

I come across blogs, which cater to a variety of topics and it is interesting to see young bloggers, contributing to this endeavor. This is important because they will be the torchbearers in the future and take the blogging world ahead to another positive transition.

Writing is not dead, and it is thriving more than ever. Writing is a potent means to express new ideas, thoughts, raise various issues plaguing the society, and also some thought-provoking ideas; which will urge the decision makers to take note of.

When young minds bring their collective thought process (the millennials) as we call them, can come up with some unusual and brave ideas, which will change the course of global policy making.

As I read blogs on various topics or different genres, it is a cross-learning experience for me. I am learning something new every day, and learning never stops.

Thanks to the blogger community, in spite of holding jobs, running businesses and other careers, which take up much time, make such valuable contribution to the blogs.

Especially students, juggling curriculum work and demands of exams and maintaining a blog is not an easy task. The quality of content of each and every blog is detailed and a reader takes away some value after reading them.

The blogging community is spread across the world, in different time zones, but these minor geographical barriers have not stopped us from being a cohesive community.

I am sure if I get to list all the topics here I will miss many which should also find mention. But the topics which I may have left out, please do not feel alienated. Some of the topics on blogging are-

  • Film
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Design
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Photography
  • Motivational (self-help)
  • Art
  • Culture
  • Songs
  • Scriptwriting
  • Advertising
  • History
  • Travel
  • Health
  • And, Personal ones

Trust me, there are many more topics which do require mention, but the above-mentioned ones that came to my mind right now.

I am really impressed with the student bloggers, who juggle school work, and yet, manages to maintain beautiful blogs. They write with immense maturity. Their perception and awareness about the global scenario are commendable.

Blogging is a platform, where every individual can showcase their talent, in their area of expertise.

I believe, learning need not be restricted within the walls of institutions, as knowledge is pervasive. Exchanging knowledge is an enriching experience.

For me at least, joining the blogging community is the best thing to have happened. Throughout, it has been a learning experience and always have my blogger friends support. I can actually improve my writing and also get feedback.

Let me not forget to thank my blogger friends who reads our work, comment, and also give feedback.

The Blogging world has the potential to unite minds from across the globe, to exchange progressive ideas; this can change the course of world social values. Social values can become more adaptive of the coming times, which will propel the future of humanity on the course of progress.

P.S. (Special thanks to all my blogger friends. Thanks for being supportive and encouraging)

23 thoughts on “The Blogging World

  1. I second you on this. Students, especially like me are turning towards running a blog to show their writing prowess which will not only satisfy their creative thirst, but also will aid them in pursuing their ambitions.


  2. Very well said 🙂
    It’s very refreshing to read so many perspectives on different subjects. And the variety of subjects they try to bring to the pallete. It’s really amazing. Living in a boxed lives, yet presenting out of box creativity. Thanks for the beautiful article 🙂


  3. Well said as we the people exchange thoughts and so much more as we see the socioeconomic structure evolve. Blessings, Emma


    1. Yes, Somali, real-time exchange of ideas and sharing a blog at various platforms at one click, with various CMS’s help maintain one’s content and also helps ideas travel faster. Digital world, one one hand has its excesses, but its positive impact cannot be denied.

      Liked by 1 person

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