Night’s Brilliance

The ethereal night as the backdrop Brilliant sparkles of celestial diamonds Embellishes the canopy with grandeur Silhouettes of the night kindle passion Two souls exude warmth of sacred flame Draped in moonshine and lazy elegance Gliding through the soft air in poetic fashion© Continue reading Night’s Brilliance

Distorted Life

No one escapes unscathed from life An indirect assault from false perceptions Propels you towards a labyrinth of delirium You are wound up in a vicious spiral of lies Coerced to mentally ruminate distorted ideas When your core principles are slowly obliterated Throwing you further towards a chaotic periphery A delirious stupor and lack of veridical perception Relevance of new world order is obfuscating reality … Continue reading Distorted Life

Our Knowledge and Beyond

Some experiences cannot be articulated by language The senses are not satiated because of our inability We are yet to comprehend the power of our senses Impoverished by our limitations of distracted minds Our inability to go beyond and elucidate with clarity As we exchange knowledge between consciousness Leaving the subliminal messages to dissolve with time The intellect is not sharp enough to eliminate limitations Waning … Continue reading Our Knowledge and Beyond