The Travel

The jarring echoes of the mortal frames

Reverberate through the secret labyrinth

Waves of thought always deluge the mind 

We may not utter, but are secretly recorded

Analyzing our intentions and true feelings

We may disguise from the fellow travelers

Subliminal messages leave a trail of clues

Silently, cosmic forces comprehend our will

Our consciousness depends on our pursuit

Souls in wanton revelry drown without a trace

We may not be aware of the true cosmic ways

Mostly entangled in the distorted realities

Ways of the universe in plotted in our minds

Positive consciousness will help find the secret©



2 thoughts on “The Travel

  1. ‘Analysing our intentions and true feelings’ this one! Reminded me of Dante’s emotions and love for his beloved Beatrice! Exquisite!


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