Tales from a Messenger

The evening breeze is a welcome visitor

Between my presence and the silence, a void

Filled with distant tales of many worlds

Regaling me with its presence and anecdotes

A breeze silently entered my world to talk

Connecting my abode with a vociferous world

Breeze made its way through a half-open window

And I was woken up from my brief slumber

A rendezvous with the breeze fills my evening schedule

Now that I have welcomed stories of the world

Breeze, the messenger, is a faithful storyteller

Confides in me about the different ways of the world

Wandering through many lands, it feels welcomed

Attracted by the solitude and the eager listener

Now, the brief void is enriched by stories of the world

Sure to inspire the ink and pen to fill the blank pages

With wonderful stories narrated by the breezy messenger©

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