Shaping with Ideas

We use particles to shape objects According to our perception One idea gives birth to many more In the process, original idea is distorted Many shapes try to fit the puzzle When too many objects clutter the space New materials and synthetic variations Contrary to the structure of original particles Coexistence of the natural with the unnatural Shapes from nature once ignited inspirations Redefined with … Continue reading Shaping with Ideas

The Eternal Traveler

The poet claims happiness Pauses every time to admire The beauty of this divine avatar Chalice filled with elixir from nature A heretic’s soul wanders forever Listening to the songs in praise of freedom From the depths of oceans and highest mountains A traveler tries to fathom the mystical beauty Never from the truth does the soul depart Dazzled by the benevolence and grace Even … Continue reading The Eternal Traveler

On Bores

The overenthusiastic bores are a curious case for examination. They almost always start their conversation with, “you know, I could have done this way better…”. Given any situation or in the midst of a gathering, they cannot resist the urge to bask in the limelight. Having worked in corporate set-ups, these curious cases can be found in sufficient numbers. Mostly given the title of ‘habitual shirkers’, … Continue reading On Bores

Our Happiness and Tribulations

Whether we are happy or unhappy With our everyday possession in life What we acquire after our heart’s desire All our creations, spending the intellect In our fleeting presence, we have stirred The peaceful coexistence with nature Our grandiose dreams spread like a fog Thickening each day to obfuscate our vision Inhaling poison, concoction of our making Brief moments of our undesirable triumphs We seek … Continue reading Our Happiness and Tribulations