On Bores

The overenthusiastic bores are a curious case for examination. They almost always start their conversation with, “you know, I could have done this way better…”.

Given any situation or in the midst of a gathering, they cannot resist the urge to bask in the limelight. Having worked in corporate set-ups, these curious cases can be found in sufficient numbers.

Mostly given the title of ‘habitual shirkers’, they want to be the protagonist in every scene, or ghost direct from the fringes.

Entrust them with any responsibility, they are will always be behind schedule and have enough excuses to convince everyone about an impending hindrance. They will botch up anything and yet find the good humor to bore everyone with excuses.

On any given occasion, they will cease the opportunity to brag and will enthusiastically narrate their latest exploits (which is essentially restricted to buying some expensive stuff). The concatenation of events leads to a tedious and boring situation and does not even excite anyone with a sane mind.

Not only are they restricted to cubicles and cabins, they are ubiquitous in every sphere of life.

If you are attending any social event you will be sure to meet them and rest assured to be interrupted when you start talking. They will cease the moment to be the cynosure of the gathering. A conversation of bragging and some imaginary bravados, you would be lucky enough to still have an appetite for food.

Their enthusiasm to bore anyone around them is almost insatiable. Enthusiastically trying to be heard and remain relevant in a very busy world. One has to be an enthusiastic bore to make oneself heard in such a cacophonic environment.

The quintessential bores or rather the enthusiastic ones, with a swagger and an aura of invincibility, are here to be in the limelight.

We have to endure or face the charges of social impropriety.


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