Darkness Illumined

Whenever, brightness of light Is consumed by the dark desires Light proves to be brighter Illuminating the core of darkness Slowly, light particles infuse positivity And darkness loses its desires Allowing light to pass through  Embellished with the dazzling aura The beacon of hope is your guide Throughout the darkest phases of life Rekindle the light in your soul In the warmth of enlightenment, you … Continue reading Darkness Illumined

Vignette of Life

Thou’st when solitary can see multitudes In the silence, paint an enticing dream  To turn away from the busy world Your words drown and vanish like camphor In the crowd, you see faces unknown Maybe a cursory glance sans the words Lost in smiles and superficial pleasantries Words contradict true feelings of the heart Your eyes see this world in various shades Only the shades painted … Continue reading Vignette of Life