Through a Labyrinth

Walking through the winding alleys of a maze, I walk past similar structures. Houses? No, they do not resemble typical residential buildings. These are structures with an imposing facade. They seem to have been inspired by Brutalism Architecture. A lot of emphasis on the structures and they express bold ideas in concrete. The structures have a minimal number of windows and the gray colors cast a gloomy … Continue reading Through a Labyrinth

Secret of the Visible and Beyond

An inspiration unknown shaped this intriguing panorama with intricate details. We are looking at myriad facets and an ecosystem of interconnectedness. With innumerable possibilities and mappings, we have not yet traversed enough through this design. An action, even a very insignificant one has a profound effect on the extensive ecosystem. If we evaluate, it is the unnoticeable changes (which are continuous) that take place beyond our everyday cognition. We … Continue reading Secret of the Visible and Beyond