Secret of the Visible and Beyond

An inspiration unknown shaped this intriguing panorama with intricate details. We are looking at myriad facets and an ecosystem of interconnectedness. With innumerable possibilities and mappings, we have not yet traversed enough through this design.

An action, even a very insignificant one has a profound effect on the extensive ecosystem. If we evaluate, it is the unnoticeable changes (which are continuous) that take place beyond our everyday cognition.

We are more focused on the visible and larger changes that meet our eyes. Even the combined effort of our senses is not enough to comprehend these detailed and minute changes.

The trigger which realized this ecosystem to continuously expand, in common parlance, can be termed as magic. Maybe what we experience is a replica of a bigger and more complex design.

To explore the entire Earth thoroughly, even with the most advanced machines and scientific explanations is beyond scope. We are yet to determine the exact components of this planet and the solar system. Continuous changes beyond our comprehension cannot be recorded.

The solar system, which we have been mapped till now and even landed on a comet and two distant planets, we are grappling with more of the unknown. Based on our theories and hypotheses, we have made significant progress, but may well be contradicted in the future.

Our truth, around which we have built our philosophies, could represent a minuscule portion of the entire design. In our effort to connect the dots, we experience that the number of dots keeps increasing exponentially. The missing links outnumber our ability to comprehend.

The Metacognition of human brains may be on the right track or possibly we deviated from the exactness of the pursuit. Our ability to ask the right questions will yield the correct answers and lead us, at least, to a credible possibility.

Given the fact, our theories and scientific temperament can be questioned with counter logic.We can be proven wrong, and time may reveal an idea/design completely contrary to our understanding.

We may not possess the possible means or to make a stride beyond a certain level. We have to rely on our minds and believe in its capacity, the most complex part of the human system. We have not yet explored the full potential of the mind.

For us to ask the right questions, we have to think in the right direction. The mind has to be challenged with seemingly outrageous and absurd thoughts (because they may challenge or vilify the existing thoughts) and never let go of the insanity to ponder beyond the visible.

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