Through a Labyrinth

Walking through the winding alleys of a maze, I walk past similar structures. Houses? No, they do not resemble typical residential buildings.

These are structures with an imposing facade. They seem to have been inspired by Brutalism Architecture. A lot of emphasis on the structures and they express bold ideas in concrete. The structures have a minimal number of windows and the gray colors cast a gloomy arrogance, across the alley.

An imagination replicated more than once and the strong influence runs deep down to the base of each structure. Intriguingly, all the doors are painted bright red. I cannot help but wonder and try to interpret the use of this red color.

Color red, a vibrant color, eye-catching; it’s also the color of passion, love, seduction and on the other extreme, signifies- violence, danger, and adventure.

This red color is an enigma and I cannot help my mind from evaluating the myriad emotions attached to it. In fact, the color red can be attributed to heroism too.

Now, I take few steps, and I stumble; my eyes transfixed on the red doors. I forgot to mention temptation. Should I be conscious of the color tempting me to enter one of these structures?

I have already been tempted to enter this unknown labyrinth, without being aware of the impending consequences. I was tempted by the red sea of poppies across the valley, which hid the main entrance of this maze. One stumble and here I am walking alone across these imposing structures.

I am the lost traveler, dwarfed by the imposing structures and stoic silence. Now I can smell and unusual aroma, a never before sensed, intoxicating smell. Wafting through this eerie silence and leads me to this mesmerizing void.

Here, I stand still, transfixed, unable to move and surrounded by the nothingness. Time stands still, and probably, this is where the world emanates from.

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