A Black & White Film

Black and white, the film rolls In a serpentine and alluring way Enticing hearts and the souls With a passionate elegance Urging to bare the feelings And let feelings deluge you Swimming through lusty turbulence Protagonists narrating a story Black and white, the film rolls To portray a captivating story© Continue reading A Black & White Film

Silence says All

The will of the silence in unknown Omnipresent, evaluating through the ages Absorbing all the noise that surrounds Silence is tolerant and does not judge Revering silence shows the awakened path In the cosmic memoirs, silence writes  The scripts to perceive life in entirety With a silent mind, one has to interpret In silence, there is revelation of truth Silence, an eternal mantra to the … Continue reading Silence says All

Right Time for Ideas and Change

Life is a simple life, it does not share a name or carry any labels. Our definitions and labeling of life are based on our judgment. We do not realize, but we continuously judge. From our judgment or misjudgment, comes forth our common understanding of life. We merely constrict the meaning of life and try to bottle it with our strongly worded messages. Thus, floats around … Continue reading Right Time for Ideas and Change