True Motivation

Identify yourself Do not remain anonymous Expand your vision Free your imagination Let the mind wander Absorb the energy Experience the vibrancy Explore the philosophy The philosophical and metaphysical Recognize the bigger objective Universal purpose of life Dynamism of existence Beyond the temporal Do not define eternity Identify limitless possibilities Identify yourself Find as many meanings of life Live in abundance Enrich life and motivate© Continue reading True Motivation

Simplicity of Life

There is eternal beauty  In the simplicity of life Joyous songs and happy hearts Through the wondrous paths  Without the disguises and veils Not an attempt to mask Revel in true emotions and love Exuberance of an affable soul Delight to walk through simplicity Life is enjoyed with clarity Without a wish to conspire and dilute With every drop of vicious feelings Leaving the pristine … Continue reading Simplicity of Life

Lost Messengers

We are the lost messengers The true message is lost somewhere Once, whispered in our ears World within us a vagueness Soul has become reluctantly silent From the immeasurable values Unwilling to share with lost messengers Minds that have deviated Taken over by feeble determination and haste Thirst to gratify shallow desires Lost messages losing their existence Locked away in vaults of messengers Unawakened minds … Continue reading Lost Messengers

Morning or Night

Be it morning or night A poetic heart loves both The brightness of morn And surreptitious night In the morning- Melody of the wind Beauty of colorful flowers Verdant valleys  In cadence with the mood Night descends In silent anticipation For the luminous heart can seek Magic of night unravels The beauty of stars A ravishing scene to behold Heaven does not discriminate Between morn … Continue reading Morning or Night