Your Thoughts

Thoughts in solitude Reflect the truth Every syllable is you Mirroring your mind Inseparable from your existence Thoughts in your mind Shapes the world within Mind, an intimate friend The way you befriend Defines the relationship Thoughts will be actions Your inner desires exposed A testimony of your life© Continue reading Your Thoughts

Life, A Journey

Life, a brilliant shine Spirit united with the waves Deep into the flowing cosmic energy Stirring the passion for life Born of the nothingness Into the sphere of joyous creation From the core A travel along concentric rings of consciousness Every journey, a step Towards the knowledge of divine entity Body, an abode For the soul to rest and seek with passion The eternal disciple … Continue reading Life, A Journey

Walking the wrong Path

When you have traveled the wrong way Now looking for the path to return Once, the path had significance With time, eroded to loosened gravel Yearning to touch upon a bygone era Crumbled and disintegrated with neglect Drooping desires slow down the pace Weakened limbs cannot walk for too long Carrying a heavy burden of the self Dwindling light makes it impossible to see The … Continue reading Walking the wrong Path

Communication or Miscommunication

I find this to be a very inane question, “Do you write?” When I say yes, they have this to say,  “So, you are a wannabe writer.” To this question, I have a simple answer, “Yes, I write and I express myself through writings. I suffer from a ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome, so I choose the safer option of being more perceptive and judicious about … Continue reading Communication or Miscommunication