Communication or Miscommunication

I find this to be a very inane question, “Do you write?” When I say yes, they have this to say,  “So, you are a wannabe writer.”

To this question, I have a simple answer, “Yes, I write and I express myself through writings. I suffer from a ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome, so I choose the safer option of being more perceptive and judicious about expressing my views.”

Mostly, we talk and express our ideas, either we talk too less or too much. In both the cases, we cannot be considered speakers or exemplary orators. Speaking will always be the primary means of communication.

I have listened to some speakers and orators, who seem to have some typical jargon and usually trying to sell the same idea wrapped in different packages. Simply put, jargons do not impress anyone. The audience is well informed and they can see through the veneer of fabrications.

Many corporate honchos usually resort to such antics, when they want to sound knowledgeable.  The latest jargon these corporate bigwigs are using is ‘to build an ecosystem’, considering there is no synergy between any of the departments and locations. So, communicating ideas effectively is not easy.

In a work environment, lack of communication skills is proving to be disastrous. Many individuals in organizations get sympathy promotions (due to favoritism), they lack leadership skills and most importantly, effective communication skills.  Ineffective communication can have a domino effect in an organization and language can be wrangled and misused to the point of no return.

Writing as a form of communication in fast losing importance, when words are being shortened (SMS texts and 140 words), and the chatting apps do not leave you with any option. To keep with the speed of fellow interactors, you have to type fast (or you may seem to be a loser). These apps are proving to be major distractions and becoming more of intrusions in our life.

Sorry to have deviated, coming back to the current state of language, I have disowned these apps for good and I do not send SMS’s (Short Message Service). I prefer talking, preferably, face-to-face. It’s my observation, that using apps and trying to communicate with shortened versions of words degrades a language. Here are some for you to consider-

2B or not 2B (Shakespeare won’t be amused at all, the famous soliloquy from Hamlet is in jeopardy)

2G2BT -Too Good to Be True (I thought as much)

AFAIR- As Far As I Remember (weak memory for sure)

These above examples are actually a disservice to the language. I am not a wannabe writer or trying to get published anytime soon. I have a long way to go, and I am just penning down my thoughts. Hopefully, I can keep my sanity, after experiencing such communication or miscommunication in all spheres of life.

9 thoughts on “Communication or Miscommunication

  1. When you are getting something handwritten, for example a lovely message from your loved one, I’m pretty sure that it will make a smile in your mind. . I’m not at all against your point on oral communication, indeed it’s a good write-up. Sometimes a pen can create magic out of your imaginations. (Not an e_pen)😊


  2. I know that with modern day technology, we especially within families have lost the real essence of a relationship.

    I hate texting and sending emails to family or close loved ones. It separates people from communicating and leaves the gateway wide open for misinterpretations. That, in itself, causes huge problems between society.

    Great post! Blessings, Emma

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  3. I do not like communicating through PM or SM or Amy of these short message things. I have tried to see what the appeal is to Twitter but I always end up having my sentences cut off because they are too long.

    Have heard people say it is good for your brain because it is a challenge to have to come up with a code or something to express a longer message with less words.

    But that sounds ridiculous to me. It is a good way for someone to misunderstand you and I don’t want to keep learning what the latest code is to say something.

    Maybe we I am too old for these apps and for Twitter but I prefer face to face communication the most also. And I far prefer WordPress to Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit and most especially Twitter!

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