Patience Challenged

The patience of an honest soul is challenged Delinquents reveling in the dalliance with devil Nature’s patience is tested by humanity’s excesses Benevolently yielding and parting with its treasures Plundering and vandalizing to create a modern world Valiant display of arrogance and manipulations Many secrets of wrong deeds layer this facade There are sycophants to influence the minds Weaklings shamelessly displaying false strength Revering strength, with affinity … Continue reading Patience Challenged

Don’t stop Thinking

An education that does not encourage you to think and seeks conformity is debilitating. The easiest way to live is to join the crowd and think as everyone does. Critical thinking is passe. Accepting the popular sentiments may not always be the correct choice, even though fallacious, we comply. Being busy and getting nowhere in life, is the biggest irony. In all this drama and we are … Continue reading Don’t stop Thinking