Passive Travelers

Passive slavery of the mind Passing through every stage in life, blindfolded One solitary figure wading through sea of crowd Without an identity and a voice Feeble voice drowns in the chorus, without being heard There is clamour for space to be ahead Chided away for being without a true identity Perfectly blended with the sameness, cloaked in anonymity A brief life becomes meaningless and … Continue reading Passive Travelers

Night and the Dreams

Awake, my soul, morning has arrived Night have parted ways for now Bidding adieu to the storytelling time Dream within a dream, a labyrinth of thoughts I am the omnipresent one, trying to decipher Like beads trying to put them in a string Each dream of different meaning  Shaped with lucid imagination of subliminal mind Unable to sequence every moment of the dreams This self … Continue reading Night and the Dreams

Of Reading and Socializing

There is no death of literature. Words expressing the thoughts and feelings of a writer, be it from any century, are revived by the reader.  Every time a reader narrates the lines, they get a new lease of life. They have immense power to influence multitudes and although interpreted in different ways, can bring them to a common platform. This is where literature plays an … Continue reading Of Reading and Socializing