Night and the Dreams

Awake, my soul, morning has arrived

Night have parted ways for now

Bidding adieu to the storytelling time

Dream within a dream, a labyrinth of thoughts

I am the omnipresent one, trying to decipher

Like beads trying to put them in a string

Each dream of different meaning 

Shaped with lucid imagination of subliminal mind

Unable to sequence every moment of the dreams

This self is unaware of their true essence

A conspiracy of the subliminal mind and the soul

Dreams are signs which I am not aware of

Most of the dreams go back to their destination

Vanishing into the unknown realm of universe

Another night will come with new stories to narrate

For now, the morning has interrupted the session

Dreamland is a distant memory, quietly stepped back

Let the Sun sprinkle some light on my life

Night’s dreams may get some clarity

Enlightening the undiscovered corners of my mind©

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