Of Reading and Socializing

There is no death of literature. Words expressing the thoughts and feelings of a writer, be it from any century, are revived by the reader.  Every time a reader narrates the lines, they get a new lease of life.

They have immense power to influence multitudes and although interpreted in different ways, can bring them to a common platform. This is where literature plays an important role in society.

When you socialize, your mind stimulates from the engaging conversations you have. You bear a feeling of being part of society and contribute with your ideas and viewpoints. Socializing is important for us, and it gives a positive feeling of happiness, although momentary.

If socializing becomes competitive and there are many invitations to consider, it becomes pressurizing after a certain point. It becomes a customary ritual where you have to act and speak in a certain manner, contrary to your usual self.

I am not denying the fact that socializing is very important and no one can remain isolated in society; until one decides to relinquish everything to lead a life of a hermit.

Over-socializing is a reality and when you have a large social circle, you cannot deny any invitation. You start feeling compelled to say yes to everyone and you start living a life of pseudo-happiness.

It can prove to be exhausting and even trigger negative emotions. Sometimes, you will face conflicts between your inherent nature and the persona you carry while socializing. Overstimulation of the brain can lead to insomnia and other health problems.

I have interacted with youngsters, who feel left out or demoralized if they cannot socialize frequently. Peer pressure is a trigger one cannot stay away from. Competitive feelings combined with pressure to prove their socializing skills.

It is not simple socializing anymore, like playing, meaningful conversations, outing or camping, and other activities which are advantageous for the overall growth of an individual.

Socializing has transformed and taken a new meaning, which even though seems enjoyable for a certain time, proves to be a distracting factor in life.

It is important to maintain a balance in life. Socializing is important, and one should not feel pressurized to indulge in it beyond a point. Too much of loneliness can also have a negative effect on the mind.

Here, I started this write-up with a line, ‘There is no death of literature’. Literature or any book can have a profound impact on the mind and help shape the intellect of an individual.

Ever wondered? Reading a novel or any literature for that matter, helps you socialize. You socialize with the protagonists and the ideas that the author conveys.

You are subliminally interacting with the various protagonists. Reading becomes a mode of interaction with various individuals from across the globe.

Interpreting their ideologies and perception of life from their dialogues, allows you to be in the midst of that conversation. Your mind starts thinking, and ideating and you can express your viewpoint.

It is important to choose good literature which allows you to become more culturally sensitive and comprehend the philosophy of life in a considerate way. It opens your mind to new vistas of life, travels the farthest countryside and the most happening cities at the other end of the globe.

A good book opens up the possibilities the world has to offer right where you are. Without any pretence and fear of being judged, you can socialize with the world.

This curiosity will help you to learn more and interpret life in a meaningful way. Good literature transcends time and place and can prove to be an entertaining means of socializing.

Yes, do socialize in real life too, but do not get pressurized to make life miserable. Enjoy life and explore it with enthusiasm.


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