Passive Travelers

Passive slavery of the mind

Passing through every stage in life, blindfolded

One solitary figure wading through sea of crowd

Without an identity and a voice

Feeble voice drowns in the chorus, without being heard

There is clamour for space to be ahead

Chided away for being without a true identity

Perfectly blended with the sameness, cloaked in anonymity

A brief life becomes meaningless and boring

There is a sense of urgency to succeed

Bubbles of imaginary goals being fabricated by humanity

Stepping on others dreams and trust, crowd moves ahead

Trying best to run ahead of time and the self

Blood flows at its own pace

World within follows the tenets of nature, unwilling participant

False haste gives a sense of faster movement

An initial euphoria, only to fade away after instant gratification

Before time claims, we destroy ourselves©

16 thoughts on “Passive Travelers

      1. Hmmm… yes, your doubt is legitimate. 😀 I don’t know if I am right all the time (as no human being can be) but yes, I do have my own thoughts and analysis about life, with observation and careful consideration.

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