A Paradise Born

The Earth may have been born with a dream Conceived from the mother’s womb Floating alone in the fluid of nothingness Bereft of the mother’s bosom, came a silent scream Filled with glowing embers of agony and pain With time, bestowed with a dream of nurturing life Water flowed through like a maiden’s mane Magic transformed Earth to a dreamy paradise Alleviating the burning agony … Continue reading A Paradise Born

Wake up to the Truth

When you are oblivious of the distractions of life Your mind unconscious to the subtle subversions Feel the joyous moment like floating in water Clean water, gives you a glimpse of a new world Where happiness reverberates with every flow In the wake of unconsciousness, you become perceptive You have washed away the painful burdens  Life with the unwanted activities is exhausting Without knowledge of … Continue reading Wake up to the Truth