Of Fear and Worries

We do not own anything

And we fear of losing every day

Accumulated wealth, a symbolism

Of a means to survive the unreal world

When death is not a release

Worrying every day about a future

Life is a seamless journey

Only segregated by the human will

Wallowing in the sorrows

Taking pleasure in narrating the woes

We become real about the unrealities of life

Acquired indifference and apathy

Life embellished with the unnecessary

Carrying the heavy burden to leave a legacy

Only they will wither way with time

Savagery challenges evolution

When civilizations clash, to acquire more

The treasure you can leave behind

Of good deeds, love, and kindness

Ignite minds with brilliant thoughts

To carry forward humanity’s legacy with pride

In darkness, the soul will be safe

There will be no fear of losing or death©

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