Ocean of Creativity

The ocean of creativity is vast and deep It’s formless and holds countless wonders Holding the precious pearls at fathomless depths Waves will toss you to test your passion The will to swim against the tide and continue searching Navigating with help of the Sun, Moon, and stars Horizon that goes on till eternity and beyond There is no meeting point and you have to … Continue reading Ocean of Creativity

A Poet’s World

A poet’s world may be disintegrating Yet he holds on to life’s elegance To dream the beautiful Dreams of passionate love for life Transforms simple words And initiate them to a rhythm Giving them a place to emote Oblivious of the decrepit surroundings The poet constructs a haven of feelings Emotions flow embraced till eternity The poet, a universe’s child Eulogizing the heartfelt stories Creativity cannot … Continue reading A Poet’s World

Facing Life’s Challenges

When you are at peace with the inner world, the extrinsic factors have lesser chance of influencing you. Peace of mind and overall well-being is within your control. Everyday introspection helps to realize the true potential of the mind and our capabilities. Realizing the strengths and weaknesses will give you a balanced perspective about yourself. When you are confident of yourself, there are lesser chances … Continue reading Facing Life’s Challenges

Mystical Night

The faded black ink Creates a new pattern with every drop Swirling with languid elegance Filling every pore of the papyrus canvas Fading daylight evokes a mystical ambience Slowly walking away towards obscurity Firmament reflects an ethereal hue of poetic charm With rapid strokes of the paintbrush Creating a beautiful masterpiece of darkness The passionate intensity of the ink Orchestrate the perfect setting for the … Continue reading Mystical Night