Realization of Love

Distortions of love Enfeebles the true meaning Among many paths of desires Love is the lost traveler Hedonism gives many shades Obfuscating true feelings Fatal attraction thou mislead hearts Love is a meditation Of two souls to unite For eternity and beyond Truth of love Realized by devoted lovers© Continue reading Realization of Love

You Never Wander Alone

You never wander alone in this world Woken up by the warm sunlight Cradled to sleep by the soft silver rays Birds come to regale you with songs Cosmic forces guide you in every step We are the entire universe, a replica Only, fail to realize the eternal possibilities Solitude helps you realize your world Omnipresent energy you were birthed from You will prosper with … Continue reading You Never Wander Alone

Knowledge and Development

Insecurity borne out of insufficient knowledge always decides in haste. The obdurate minds, emboldened by the stamp of authority consider their decision to be final and sacrosanct. Vanquishing the common desires and demands of the people, only a few assembled minds prepare the agenda. Being vain, by virtue of sparse education that fails to inspire and shape minds. There is a comprehensive ploy to encourage mediocrity … Continue reading Knowledge and Development