An Unknown Life

So often you turn away from yourself

Escaping the deep concerns within you

Avoid listening to the ardent pleas

To set the paradise in order

Heart finds ways to escape the realities

Leaving the inner sanctum in disorder

Alienating the self in search of extravagance

Turning to false hopes to resolve the chaos

In denial most of the time

Your presence and true character in peril

An unknown alter-ego takes control

Every action leads to catastrophic results

Soon, the weakening soul gives in

Crumbling and disintegrating

Blowing away with the gusts of wind

A final escape from a tumultuous world

You have turned away and alienated life©

6 thoughts on “An Unknown Life

  1. Amit,
    Great poem as usual ! Very insightful.
    How do you get the time to write so much ?
    Have you published ?
    I know exactly what this poem depicts- how easily man can change if required – of the original man, there will be nothing remaining, not even a shell.


      1. I am sure you can start publishing on a small scale now and see how it goes. Being the perfectionist that you are, you think you need to get better and better and you are waiting for that perfect moment to publish, correct ?


      2. Yes. I want to contribute to literature and my words have meaning which will be relevant in the future too. So I am waiting for the right time and when I feel I am ready to take the next step. 🙂


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