To All Artists

Art presents us the colors which we usually miss in our fleeting existence. It multiplies these hues and blends them to magnify the glorious essence of life.

Sometimes, we view life in monochrome and deny our eyes the pleasure of nature’s vivid colors. Art comes forth as the messiah to introduce us to undiscovered perspectives of life, colored with the real essence of life.

Art in any form or genre is not an escape but a comprehensive representation of the multifarious facets of life. It awakens the mind and pours vibrant colors with benevolence.

You are drenched in the colorful celebrations and feel liberated from the mundane moods. Art is freedom of the mind and an honest expression of the soul.

The desires, aspirations, and love are passionately represented on the canvas. There is an unknown radiance which illuminates the vision.

Every artist is an explorer and in an eternal search to reflect life’s true identity. Each color represents a sentiment and carries a special message.

Here, color does not mean only colors from the palette, but also the varied expressions, imageries, and metaphors.

An artist is guided by an incomprehensible power to feel the pulse of the universe. Artistic expression is a culmination of all previously acquired knowledge, the new ones and also the surreal. There are no boundaries and limitations here.

If an artist is honest and passionate enough to journey the cosmic parallel, one is sure to find priceless treasures of life. It is the artist’s responsibility to breathe life into the subtle elements of life and bring into light the realm of unknown.

This infinite space has many inspirations which an artist aspires to capture, yet, not possible in a lifetime.

From the first rays of light to the wee hours of darkness, the universe is constantly emanating new inspirations and waiting with untold stories. Sleep and rest are not the artist’s prerogative; they are tireless and devoted wanderers.

There are many worlds to traverse and explore and myriad tales to narrate. Obsession in the artistic world is an inherent characteristic. Artists’ do not possess anything; they explore and identify the treasures to present them to the world.

10 thoughts on “To All Artists

  1. Amit,
    Art and creativity can be found anywhere in the universe and in nature. It only needs the discerning eye to find it.
    I was suddenly reminded of Danny’s post about how someone stole his work and published it on their blog recently. Actually, there is so much inspiration and scope for originality around us.


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