There is Hope

When you feel time has been passive And the world has withdrawn You feel pushed towards obscurity Exhausting the mind and heart In search of an escape route There will be a time When you feel the walls closing in A crack in the wall is your escape From the falsehood and silent misery Solitude reveals another world Parallel to the life you were living … Continue reading There is Hope

Choices in Life and Consequences

The world of happiness, beauty and love resides in us. We chose to close the doors and venture out into the world of projected feelings. Feelings which are adulterated with impure thoughts and the naysayers’ concocted stories. In reality, this is a monstrous effort to deceive the heart. In this effort, the soul and heart are pulled away, reluctantly, from the cradle of true happiness. Even before … Continue reading Choices in Life and Consequences

Hermit and the Universe

The hermit seeks in silence Spellbound by the revolving rich scenery From the deepest seat of seclusion The mind reaches the zenith  A perceptive mind comprehends An entire view of the universe Connected to the pulsating heart Resonating with every beat Covered by the soft membrane The landscape is an inclusive crucible Many souls come here in search From here starts the saga of realization Surrounded … Continue reading Hermit and the Universe