Choices in Life and Consequences

The world of happiness, beauty and love resides in us. We chose to close the doors and venture out into the world of projected feelings. Feelings which are adulterated with impure thoughts and the naysayers’ concocted stories. In reality, this is a monstrous effort to deceive the heart.

In this effort, the soul and heart are pulled away, reluctantly, from the cradle of true happiness. Even before you realize the true essence of happiness, and the path that leads towards the destination of beauty and love, you are coerced away to follow the common herd sentiments.

A valiant heart, born to explore the beauty of life and be a wanderlust seeking eternal knowledge of true love is forced to resign to the fate decided by unperceptive minds.

A gigantic optical instrument is strategically placed to reflect and portray the false images designed to lure away the soul by sinister ideas. It creates an atmosphere of contradictions and confusions.

In the process of relentless conditioning of the mind, we lose our true identity and the clamor to recite similar sentiments increases. We imitate and follow a similar storyline. Repetitive are the desires to commit the same mistakes and our dreams lead us down the same path of regret.

We have our vision shaded by the manipulated perceptions and arguments. It creates an unconducive atmosphere and stifles original thoughts. The idea of true love and happiness is almost forgotten and remains elusive. We crave for happiness and love, but we are have lost the direction.

Since we have traveled further away from ourselves and continue to do so in the future, we have lost the voice which can whisper the charmed tenets of life. The original meaning of life is slackening its embrace and we are slipping way towards the edge of an abyss.

Our pessimistic sentiments echo loud and clear and even nature is on the verge of a major disintegration due to the negative effects. In fact, we are now in love with the words ‘happiness’, ‘love’, and ‘beauty’. The words have lost their meaning and we are juggling with the empty replicas. Insipid, weak, and uninspiring notions surround us.

We have expunged the important chapters from our life and the blank pages are stifled within the covers.

5 thoughts on “Choices in Life and Consequences

  1. I agree with you. Humanity does not see reality. The drones see the delusion that was created by the few….to control the masses.

    People are manipulated under the mass brainwashing. The path to truth is to be authentic and to acknowledge what you truly feel and see. But people see what they are told is there. And they feel what they are told they feel by the media.

    It is like the Emperor’s New Clothes. Someone has to believe what they think is true instead of what the herd tells them is true.

    I think the first step to enlightenment is to believe the feelings you have, before second guessing them. Trust your instincts and do not reframe the facts to fit the beliefs you were taught.


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  2. Very true! The love exists inside us, and most of us not knowing how to access that – we look for it outside. Thank you for the wisdom this reflects. I remembered Rilke’s line for some reason, ‘I would like to step out of my heart and go walking beneath the enormous sky.’

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