Hermit and the Universe

The hermit seeks in silence

Spellbound by the revolving rich scenery

From the deepest seat of seclusion

The mind reaches the zenith 

A perceptive mind comprehends

An entire view of the universe

Connected to the pulsating heart

Resonating with every beat

Covered by the soft membrane

The landscape is an inclusive crucible

Many souls come here in search

From here starts the saga of realization

Surrounded by the lofty mountains

Gentle murmur of the clear streams

Gentle sway of the trees 

The echoes of the mind and nature’s music

Blends to create a harmonic wave

Hermit feels one with the beauteous forms

Nature places a healing touch

Closed eyes blessed with vision of eternity

Ecstatic feeling, to pirouette with the universe©

4 thoughts on “Hermit and the Universe

  1. I read about a hermit who lives in a cave on the Indo-Tibetan border near Joshimath- and when I read this poem, I was reminded of him- Sun or wind he wears the same clothes, eats what little food people provide him with ( if they do) and lives in complete harmony with his surroundings. I think he’s called ” The silent sage”.

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