There is Hope

When you feel time has been passive

And the world has withdrawn

You feel pushed towards obscurity

Exhausting the mind and heart

In search of an escape route

There will be a time

When you feel the walls closing in

A crack in the wall is your escape

From the falsehood and silent misery

Solitude reveals another world

Parallel to the life you were living

A path will appear in front of you

To lead you towards hope

You are an eternity and nothing stops

Keep moving, let the mind be a traveler

Break out of the mouldย 

Create a new world and identity

Seek from the soul and wish from the heart

There is a world out there

For you to be free and revel in its wondersยฉ

17 thoughts on “There is Hope

    1. Being alone and lonely are two different thing. One who loves solitude is aware because of self-realization and there is consciousness which leads them to knowledge. Without introspection, this life is not complete. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I am reminded of another famous poem ” Where the mind is without fear”, when I read this Amit.
    I like your thoughts and wish that everyone would be led onto a life of their dreams- if only they would choose the path, they want to go.

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