Wisdom Prevails

There is resilience in wisdom To prevail over subversions Shattering through resistance Privilege to stay with consciousness Mind wanders to seek knowledge Wisdom is an eternity and survives Through time and decay of ages Inspiring thoughts keep you agile To counter indifferences and disdain A privilege to exercise wisdom Over anarchy and frivolousness Decide to stay in the light To navigate through recklessness Gather wisdom … Continue reading Wisdom Prevails

Nature’s Playfulness

When clouds part ways  To let the rays of light pass Revealing another dimension Mood of the day transforms Rays of light tickling the clouds Sun smiling with mischief It’s time for clouds to retire Hide-n-seek, play of light and shade Light sprinkles the earth with warmth Clouds may return another day To float like phantom messengers Quench the thirst of eager earth With the … Continue reading Nature’s Playfulness