Nature’s Playfulness

When clouds part ways 

To let the rays of light pass

Revealing another dimension

Mood of the day transforms

Rays of light tickling the clouds

Sun smiling with mischief

It’s time for clouds to retire

Hide-n-seek, play of light and shade

Light sprinkles the earth with warmth

Clouds may return another day

To float like phantom messengers

Quench the thirst of eager earth

With the waters of faraway lands

Nature’s playfulness with childlike glee

Brightens up the face of every traveler©

9 thoughts on “Nature’s Playfulness

  1. Amit,
    Another gem of a poem. I like the hide and seek of the clouds with the sun. It is wonderful that you have the time to write so much. I guess all we need is to look around for inspiration and try to write more.

    Liked by 1 person

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