Ask Fate

Ask fate where you are destined to go Have you embraced the truth? The truth of beauty, the truth of love Fate intrinsically wound in every particle Cosmic energy is eternal Where thou utilize this energy? When the false life dissipates It leaves the soul broken and bare In the middle of nowhere You are the lost traveler Looking for a known face and an … Continue reading Ask Fate

A Traveler’s Tale

Along the serpentine road The traveler slowly follows it Like a ribbon unfurled along the landscape Solitary steps will visit the unknown Traveler is delighted by the beauteous decorations Reveling in the cadence of the valleys Echoes of nature is an eloquent melody Regaling the visitor and welcoming with pride Wooly clouds decorate the mountain peaks The sparkling stream gleams like diamonds Like an ostentatious … Continue reading A Traveler’s Tale

Walking the Winter Nights

Winter nights unleashes a challenge for the soul. Winter says, “I have come here to stay. Dare you to explore the winter night and stay awake, till dawn clears the fog.” The daredevil heart decides to accept the challenge and walk the city streets through the night. Without a care in the world, the vagabond, oblivious of sleep and comfort of the warm bed, decides … Continue reading Walking the Winter Nights