A Traveler’s Tale

Along the serpentine road

The traveler slowly follows it

Like a ribbon unfurled along the landscape

Solitary steps will visit the unknown

Traveler is delighted by the beauteous decorations

Reveling in the cadence of the valleys

Echoes of nature is an eloquent melody

Regaling the visitor and welcoming with pride

Wooly clouds decorate the mountain peaks

The sparkling stream gleams like diamonds

Like an ostentatious necklace gracing the valley

Few rustic cottages of old oak made

Natives of the land have made it their abode

Rejoicing among the bounties of nature

The traveler seeks to shelter for the night

Delighted to be welcomed into the cottage

Bare walls warmed with love and genuine feelings

His languid steps lead him to the bed

Sleep beckons the weary traveler for the night©

18 thoughts on “A Traveler’s Tale

  1. I absolutely loved reading this as well as the others. Beautifully penned.You have much wisdom to share. I am glad to have stumbled upon your blaig. Have a look at my page as well,would love to hear from a wonderful writer such as you. cheers! 🙂

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